OpenTravel Alliance (OTA)

OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) is a non-profit organisation that develops open data transmission specifications for the electronic exchange of business information in the global travel industry.

OTA’s schema design supports W3C, IATA and ISO standards.

In the context of Car Rental Gateway, OTA’s XML schema is the basis of our OTA API. We also use OTA code lists to standardise supplier data in our system. For example, we use OTA’s VCP list for fees, VCT list for coverages and EQP list for optional extras.

Members of the OpenTravel Alliance include car rental companies, airlines, hotel companies, cruise lines, railways, global distribution systems, distribution companies, solutions providers, software developers and consultants. Find out more about OpenTravel Alliance here.

NB! Do not confuse OpenTravel Alliance with Online Travel Agent, which is also abbreviated as OTA. The acronym OTA usually refers to OpenTravel Alliance when used in combination with XMLs and codes (OTA XML, OTA code, OTA API).