Dart is an open-source object-oriented programming language designed for developing web and mobile applications. It was developed by Google and first released in 2013. Dart is optimized for creating user interfaces, but it is considered a general-purpose language.

Developers use Dart to build applications for many different platforms. It can compile into JavaScript for web applications and native code for mobile and desktop applications. The language is similar to C++, Java, and JavaScript, decreasing the learning curve for developers who are familiar with the particular. It supports common concepts such as interfaces, classes, functions, and collections.

Dart is mainly associated with Flutter. Flutter is an open-source Dart-based UI software development toolkit. Developers mostly use it for creating native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. After the release of Flutter in 2018, Dart has become rapidly more popular. Flutter is now considered one of the best options when creating mobile apps. To start using it, developers first have to learn Dart programming language.

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