Glossary: How Did We Get Here

Car Rental Gateway is a software development company focused on smart mobility, offering solutions to car rental brokers, suppliers, and online travel agencies.

Each field has its specialists speaking their own more or less distinctive lingo, IT being the most arcane example. Car Rental Gateway has positioned itself as an intermediary by virtue of its expertise and industry know-how. A successful intermediary has to understand and, more importantly, be understood by all parties.

The Early Days

Car Rental Gateway, in one form or another, has been active (and accumulating knowledge) in its respective area of expertise for over 20 years already. As an expanding business in a rapidly developing field, we have had a lot of new talents join us over the course of the years. Talents may have deep knowledge in one or several areas, but having mastery over everything right away is rare. For the purpose of getting our employees to speak the same language as quickly as possible, we decided to put together a brief and basic in-house glossary a while ago. The glossary kept expanding as the industry kept rushing forward.

At one point, we decided that making our constantly developing glossary public would make our lives and the lives of our business partners a lot easier. The reasoning, however, remained the same as before. We wanted to bridge any communication gaps stemming from misunderstanding the cross-industry jargon to smooth the course of business and be on the same page.

The Need For Knowledge

We are quite proud that our glossary has been discovered by so many people over the years, which, in turn, also indicates that there is an actual need for a comprehensive hub of commonly used terms.

The glossary should not be taken as the ‘ultimate word’ in relevant terminology. We consider this more of a jumping-off point into the complex world where technology meets mobility. Both are forward-thinking industries, so there will always be new concepts to be added and new glossary entries included.

Beyond Our Glossary

The entries can also serve as waypoints for further research—in addition to the definition, you’ll also find other terms related to the same topic. This is useful for obtaining a deeper knowledge of the domain and understanding the links between different concepts.

Last but not least, maintaining and updating the glossary keeps us on the cutting edge. Staying up-to-date with the latest mobility trends is also beneficial when considering future investments or making strategic decisions.

All in all, as we are devoting our time to do research and keep ourselves informed about the mobility sector, why not share this with others as well?