Rental desk

Rental desk is an office or a pick-up/drop-off location that belongs to a specific supplier (e.g. Alamo office at New York JFK Airport). In the traditional rental process, it is the place where the customer signs the rental agreement and gets the keys to the car. After the rental, the customer usually also returns the car to or near a rental desk.

A rental desk is an important part of a traditional rental, but it is not needed for smart rental. In smart rental, the customer can make all the necessary steps on their smart device. They can even unlock the car doors without the actual key. This means that there is no need to go to a rental desk to get the key. This means that in the future, there might be no need for rental desks.

This term has a lot of synonyms, like a rental station, counter or office. In Car Rental Gateway, the term ‘branch’ is used which refers to a specific pick-up location that belongs to a specific supplier.

  • Rental counter
  • Rental station
  • Rental office
  • Branch