Titanium Mobility

Titanium Mobility is a whitelabel app by Car Rental Gateway for a fully digitised car rental service. The end-to-end platform covers the whole rental flow from booking and accessing the car to payments and billing. To ensure a contactless service for the end customer, Titanium Mobility interacts with different cloud services.

A rapid shift towards digitisation across the industries has brought apps and keyless offers to the car rental world. But modern rental providers also meet new challenges. The first one is standing out on the global markets. To acquire more customers, suppliers need access to comparison and booking sites. At the same time, they have to think about the customer journey. If there are different sites and apps needed for browsing the offers and taking separate rental steps, the customer experience comes with gaps. So the question is: How to make it seamless for the customer?

Titanium Mobility app platform can consolidate the operators on the market into a unified customised service line. This means that the end customer will be dealing with only one contact throughout their rental journey. For a frictionless customer experience, car rental brokers can take care of the customer journey while the suppliers can focus on their area of expertise—a well-maintained fleet.

Liigu runs their new-generation contactless car rental service on Titanium Mobility.