Car rental broker

Car rental broker is a distributor who specialises in car rental mediation and sells car rental services on behalf of one or more suppliers. Brokers operate online and they usually have global websites with localised content. This means that even small suppliers with only a few rental locations can reach customers globally by offering their services on brokers’ websites. For example, one of the biggest rental car brokers is who mediates offers from various rental car suppliers.

Car rental brokers usually offer rental services by many suppliers. Customers like to compare the prices of different suppliers in one place. Because of this, brokers are becoming authoritative car rental brands that customers trust. In addition, brokers list other conveniences like insurances, protections and local taxes on their websites. This means that customers can take these charges into account and have less unpleasant surprises at the rental desk.

  • Car rental mediator
  • Car rental GDS
  • Broker