ACRISS car codes

ACRISS car codes are four-letter codes that are used as an industry standard to define and identify car types. Currently, ACRISS uses the expanded matrix, which makes it possible to create 400 different car types.

Each ACRISS code consists of four letters which represent the following qualities: category, type, transmission/drive and fuel/air conditioning.

For the EMEA region, ACRISS issues a monthly car codes list that defines which car codes can be used for various car makes and models.

For the Middle-East and Africa, ACRISS issues an annual car codes list.

As of October 2018, ACRISS does not cover other parts of the world, but there are plans to start coding fleet for Australia and New Zealand, North America and Latin-America.

In the Car Rental Gateway system, every car has an ACRISS car code assigned to it.

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