Application programming interface (API)

Application programming interface (API) is a computing interface which acts as a bridge between applications and/or systems allowing them to communicate through sending data. For example, it specifies the calls or requests that can be made, how to make them, and how the results are shown.

Companies use APIs internally and also more and more externally. External APIs send data between different companies. For example, Connectivity APIs send data between the system and accommodation service providers. Usually, companies design external APIs that are easy to reuse or configure to the needs of many business partners.

In car rental, APIs connect suppliers to distributors. Car Rental Gateway offers this kind of data exchange. Through Gateway APIs we gather data from suppliers and display it in a standardised way to end-users on the distributor’s websites in just a few seconds. The main Gateway API is a Web API in the form of JSON requests and responses. Another Gateway API is an OTA API in the form of XML requests and responses that comply with the OTA standard.