Mode of transportation

Mode of transportation, in the narrower context of mobility, stands for different available options for individuals for travelling from one place to another. The reasons for electing to travel one way or another also rest on distance, cost, convenience, and time. The options differ from location to location and depend on the infrastructure. Socio-economic and cultural reasons can play a part in choosing the mode of transportation.

The most common modes are walking or cycling. The first is the most basic way to cover short distances. While the second is as healthy but a faster option.

Public transportation includes travelling by buses, trains, trams, and subways. In urban areas, these are the most efficient modes of transportation.

Ride-sharing, ride-hailing, and micro-mobility options such as bike-sharing using a mobile app have become an increasingly convenient alternative to owning a mode of transportation.

Private vehicles, as the fifth mode of transportation, include cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

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