Private Transportation: The Safest Choice in Current Times

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In this strange time, using a car is the safest way to travel. Even now when COVID-19 shows signs of recession, social distancing, and the need to avoid as much human contact as possible is still a must. Since people can travel more freely again (at least in their own country) how can you reach your destination as safely as possible?

The answer is simple — by driving. But what if you don’t have a car? Do you have other options? We would argue that if you need to travel, a rental car is a safe bet.

How about Walking and Cycling?

We can make our daily travels and still avoid human contact by using a bicycle or our own two feet. Metropolises like Milan and Paris are even taking extensive measures to encourage people to do just that. However, there are still trips that demand the use of a motorised vehicle, be it either a scooter, bus, train, or a car. Usually, these trips are taken out of necessity, such as getting groceries or just being outside to reduce stress.

Why Not Public Transport?

As long as social distancing is the new normal, it is recommended to use private, not public transport. Using public transportation can be complicated and uncomfortable. You need to follow restrictions so everybody would be protected, for instance:

In Spain only half of the seats in transportation vehicles are allowed to be occupied, the row directly behind the driver must remain empty, and the 2-meter rule applies.

Italy strongly recommends buying tickets online and requires passengers to follow the signs and designated routes in and around stations.

France has made wearing masks mandatory for all passengers who use public transport.

On top of all that, because of the spatial restrictions, you can never be sure whether you really can take the bus, metro, or train to work or whether there is actually enough room.

So, Rent a Car?

Is renting a car a safe way to go, you might ask? After all, different kinds of people rent cars. There is truth in that. has even gathered and listed all the cleaning, safety and disinfection procedures that the major car rental companies follow in the current situation.

If you need to travel and seek a simple alternative for public transport, consider renting a car.

First published in Auto Rental News on 22 May 2020.