Car cloud

Car cloud is a cloud-based connected car platform. It uses vehicle-to-cloud communication to send data between the car and the cloud. This communication generally uses cellular networks (3G, 4G, or 5G). The data sent can include anything from the car’s location to software updates. The cloud is the central place for collecting, processing, and sharing this data.

This platform can be used to unlock the car doors, monitor car data, and manage fleets. When connected to a cloud, it is also possible to download new features or update software without going to a dealership. Car cloud also allows connected cars to exchange real-time traffic data. For example, cars can send information about the road being slippery to the cloud. Then this information can be sent to other cars that are connected to that cloud and are approaching that section of the road.

With more cars becoming connected, car clouds and vehicle-to-everything connectivity are helping us move towards safer and more efficient mobility.