Frequent traveller (FT) in car rental

In car rental, a frequent traveller is a loyal customer who is identified by a frequent traveller number. There are many frequent traveller programs that include airlines, hotels and car rental companies or brokers. Usually, an airline is at the heart of a frequent traveller program and car rental companies and hotels can partner with several of such programs. For example, Alamo has at least 10 airline partners with different frequent traveller programs.

To become a frequent traveller, you usually have to fly a certain number of times with an airline or collect a certain number of points which are usually called miles or kilometres. Frequent travellers can then use these points when making their next booking or buying merchandise. In addition, being a frequent traveller usually has other perks too. They can use lounges with restricted access in airports, take more luggage with them and use priority check-in. Using a car rental company or a hotel which has partnered with a certain frequent traveller program, usually just gives the customer additional points.