In software development, frontend is the presentation layer of software. The part of a website, web application, or mobile application that the user sees and interacts with. In the client-server model, frontend is usually considered to be the client that sends requests to the server (backend) and displays the response to the user.

Frontend includes the structure, design, behaviour, and content of everything seen on the screens when users open a website, web application, or mobile app. Usually, UI and UX designers create the frontend design in a design program such as Figma. Frontend developers are the ones who actually build it and make it available to real users. They also need to make sure that the application works correctly and looks good on devices of all sizes. And they need to ensure high performance levels and low load times.

The main frontend languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Dart. There are also a lot of frameworks and libraries that make the development easier, including React, AngularJS, Vue.js, and Flutter.

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