Liigu is a mobility service provider that offers contactless app-based car rental. Thanks to Phone as a Key (PaaK) technology, Liigu’s customers can unlock and lock the rental car doors using their smartphones. After booking a car online, they can go straight to the car, open the doors using the mobile app, and drive off. There are no rental desks and the customers do not have to come into direct contact with Liigu’s staff during their whole rental experience.

Liigu’s goal is to shift the classical concept of car rental. They want to offer a service as convenient as having your own car waiting in the airport parking lot. With remote working and the rise of e-commerce, people are used to doing everything online. This means they also expect the mobility services to be smart and easily accessible. Therefore, the shift towards contactless services keeps up with the current way of living.

Liigu uses Car Rental Gateways’s customisable app platform Titanium Mobility for running their contactless car rental service. To assign a specific car to a specific customer, they also benefit from the CRG’s Car Cloud service.

Find out more about Liigu from their website.