Terms and conditions of a service platform

Terms and conditions of a service platform state the terms on which the service is provided. In mediated car rental, the car rental broker is the one who provides and manages these terms. They are also usually displayed on the broker’s website. These terms can be called Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, Terms of Use or just Terms.

Terms and conditions of a car rental service platform are mostly about the use of the website and the broker’s services. For example, confirming the booking, cancellation, and additional coverages offered by the broker. They usually also include some general terms about the rental (e.g., what documents are usually required to receive the car). However, the platform terms differ from the rental agreement and the supplier’s terms and conditions in that they do not state the terms of a specific rental deal.

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Terms of Service
  • Terms of Use
  • Terms