Digital rental agreement in car rental

A digital rental agreement is a rental agreement that is signed and then sent to all parties electronically. Using digital agreements is more efficient than using paper ones and it also has a positive impact on the environment.

A digital rental agreement can be signed in person or online. The most common is the use of devices with touchscreens (e.g., tablets and smartphones). The customer can simply use their finger or a stylus to add their signature. But if needed, a signature can also be drawn with a regular computer mouse. For a realistic signature, companies use special signature pads that capture the exact movement of the pen.

Many car rental companies have started using tablets where the customer can read and then sign the agreement at the rental desk. These tablets can also be used remotely to deliver cars to the customer or when offering a pick-up with minimal contact where the customer can walk straight to the car.

Signing rental agreements online is also becoming more and more popular. It is mainly used by car rental companies who offer smart or contactless rental.