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What is Car Rental Gateway distribution ecosystem?

B2B platform that connects car rental distributors to suppliers

Direct online connectivity to 100+ online car rental suppliers

Different types of ground transportation: traditional car rental, chauffeur-drive & transfer services

Highly localized and unified up-to-date supplier content in 20+ languages


Car Rental Gateway is turning car rental distribution upside-down by giving everyone access at reasonable rates to cutting edge technology that only the largest distributors can afford otherwise.

We level the playing field and give smaller distributors and newcomers a significant technological edge on the market while ensuring low operational costs.

Our platform offers functionality unthinkable in GDSs and unlike service providers like CarTrawler and Carnect, we are not a B2B broker, meaning you are free to build your own client base and use independent customized branding. We do not mediate rates, so you can negotiate your deals directly with the car rental companies.

In addition to connectivity, Car Rental Gateway services include additional services like car images and content management. The highly localized multi-lingual data allows you to literally speak your client's language and better target new markets.

  • The platform is very flexible thanks to high scalability - it is very easy to scale up as your business grows, and can also be scaled down if necessary.
  • Our system and data is compliant with all major industry standards.
  • Our security architecture is PCI DSS compliant and data exchange uses OTA XML standard.
  • We’re associate members of ACRISS and our data unification process follows CMA requirements for European source markets.


The team behind Car Rental Gateway has been steering e-commerce solutions in car rental brokering for over 15 years. Our experience includes providing services for top global players, like and Expedia. Car Rental Gateway is the third generation of our software and was launched in 2014.

The first two generations, called CRBMS (Car Rental Broker Management System) were bespoke systems for car rental brokers. Car Rental Gateway is the culmination of our team's experience and provides all the operational functionality you need to drive your sales and increase profit in car rental distribution.

To learn more, get in touch

We’re happy to answer all your questions about Car Rental Gateway and share our experience and advice if you are new to the car rental distribution business.

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