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Car Rental Gateway and Liigu Kick Off Contactless Car Rental in Top European Destinations

Car Rental Gateway has partnered with Liigu to offer new-generation contactless car sharing on their customisable app platform Titanium Mobility. The service is now available in France, Portugal, Latvia, and Estonia, with more locations already in the works.

Car Rental Glossary and Terminology—who, what, and why?

Car Rental Glossary and Terminology is an online glossary compiled and constantly updated by Car Rental Gateway. Definitions in the Glossary include traditional rental vocabulary and also more mobility- and technology-specific terms.

Titanium Mobility App Paves the New Way in Car Rental

Titanium Mobility is a newly launched customisable app by Car Rental Gateway. This app gives a possibility to fully digitise car rental service and through that provides customers with contact-free and frictionless rental experience.

For Car Rental, an App is Not a Magic Potion

It seems that the easiest way for offering customers contactless rentals is to do it through an app. However, a market-ready app with decent industry-specific functionality costs approximately a quarter of a million dollars.

COVID-19—the life jacket of car rental industry

In 2019, the market value of the global car rental industry was €81.93 billion. However, despite this enormous value, the industry does not provide the same digital convenience that is offered by other industries with similar or much greater magnitude.

Private Transportation: The Safest Choice in Current Times

In this strange time, using a car is the safest way to travel. Even now when COVID-19 shows signs of recession, social distancing, and the need to avoid as much human contact as possible is still a must. So how can you reach your destination as safely as possible?