The term ‘ connected car ’ refers to vehicles equipped with V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology. The technology of exchanging data with external sources plays a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of connected cars. It allows them to communicate with other vehicles (V2V), infrastructure (V2I), pedestrians (V2P), and the network (V2N). The constant exchange of digital information will positively affect both driver and pedestrian safety, as well as contribute to smoother traffic flow. Furthermore, the rise of connected cars paves the way for widespread adoption of the Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) model in the private mobility industry.

There are numerous advantages that connected cars and V2X connectivity bring to mobility companies implementing a VaaS service model.

The integration of connected cars enhances the safety and efficiency of the rental experience. Moreover, it also provides a competitive edge in the market, promoting customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Every mobility operator understands that maximising fleet utilisation is key to success. Connected cars contribute significantly to this goal by monitoring maintenance schedules, enabling fleet managers to optimise the availability of vehicles for customers. This involves strategically scheduling maintenance during off-peak or low-demand periods. By leveraging predictive maintenance, fleet managers can further minimise the number of cars out of commission, and thus, not generating income.

Furthermore, equipped with motion sensors (either by the OEM or a third-party device), some modern vehicles can detect damages and record the time they occur. This allows the mobility provider to instantly identify service needs and streamline the damage claim process.

The biggest challenge for mobility companies is accessing, analysing, and acting upon the data that vehicles can emit. This is where Car Rental Gateway’s technological solutions come into play. Our Car Cloud platform offers fleet owners a unified access point to their whole fleet, regardless of the make and model. This is achieved by either a direct connection to the vehicle manufacturer’s (OEM) API or using a third-party telematics device. As a result, the company has a comprehensive overview of the entire fleet, including, but not limited to vehicle location, fuel level and technical state. A systematic analysis of usage data enables businesses to maximise their fleet utilisation and monetise said data.

One of the exciting features of Car Cloud is the ability to create digital keys for vehicle users. These keys are then imported into the Titanium Mobility application and linked to a specific user account, granting keyless access to a vehicle. This frees users from the hassle of collecting and returning a physical key fob .

Car Rental Gateway’s full-range mobility technology platform gives fleet owners access to data, which is the most valuable aspect of connected cars. By having the right tools to harness the constant flow of data, mobility businesses can quickly monitor and implement changes to their fleets. Developing and maintaining such a complex digital platform from scratch is costly and requires a lot of additional expenses.

Entrusting us with the technology allows you to concentrate on the business side and reap the benefits of digital mobility services.