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Connecting people to sustainable mobility

We bring together smart cars and innovative technology to offer an excellent rental experience. Our products are designed to provide a seamless smart rental service, accessible 24/7 in multiple languages.

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Our products

Car rental

SaaS platform for seamless car rental distribution


Customisable, plug-and-play app platform for keyless smart rentals


Digital vehicle data and access management cloud platform

What you get

scale your mobility

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High flexibility to support various business models and ways to rent a car

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Support for different modes of private mobility and multilingual capabilities

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Flexible integration and rapid rollout

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Transparent, per-transaction-based payment

About us
about us

we are an
ambitious team

We are a software company driven by the ambition to make private mobility solutions truly accessible, flexible, and efficient.

Imagine a future where everybody can use sustainable mobility services whenever and wherever it suits them. With years of experience operating in the global mobility market and considerable technological expertise, we have the confidence to carry out this mission. Our team of international talents is responsible for maintaining the service that provides car rental customers access to over four million vehicles worldwide.

Mobility as a service

Making private mobility
accessible for MAAS

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Private cars are underutilised

Privately owned cars spend nearly 95% of the time idle, utilising only a fraction of their actual capacity. We are changing this by making private mobility efficient and sustainable.

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Access over ownership

More and more people are embracing the benefits of having access to a vehicle rather than owning it. They enjoy the comfort and security of a private vehicle without the burden of maintenance or worrying about passing the technical inspection.

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Multimodal transport

Private mobility will be a part of a larger seamless multimodal transport network, ensuring that planning a journey is fast, easy and cost-effective.

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Private Mobility in MaaS

Car Rental Gateway will facilitate MaaS in all private mobility services, including scheduled and subscription-based options, as well as on-demand vehicle use starting from a distance of 25 km.


Customisable, plug-and-play app platform for fully smart and keyless rentals.

Connect your fleet

Exceed customer expectations

Scale without limits

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Car Rental Gateway

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